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Opinion: Will Ferrari Be Better Off Without Binotto?

It’s official, Mattia Binotto has resigned as Team Principal at Ferrari. But will the Scuderia be any better off with a new boss?

We asked our WTF1 Podcast trio Matt, Tommy and Katy to share their thoughts on whether the news will help Ferrari in the long run.


I don’t think Binotto was ever truly cut out to be a team principal personally. He seemed to really lack that cutting edge that the likes of Toto Wolff and Christian Horner have, and when you’re in charge of a legendary team like Ferrari, you need to have it.

The person heavily rumoured to replace Binotto is Alfa Romeo team principal, Frederic Vasseur.

If you’re a Charles Leclerc fan (like me), you’ll be very pleased to hear that this may happen because he was the man who ran Leclerc in karting, GP3 and in his rookie season in F1. He absolutely knows and respects what Leclerc can bring to the table. There wouldn’t be any finger wagging in his face, that’s for sure. I personally can see Vasseur fitting in very well at the Scuderia and definitely think it’s time for a new face in town to potentially lead Ferrari to the success it well and truly deserves.


There’s no denying that Binotto brought a much more relaxed atmosphere to the Ferrari team than previous years. However, sometimes that softer management approach came across as though the team weren’t too bothered  by some of their huge mistakes and blunders over the 2022 season.

With two extremely gifted drivers and a potentially championship winning car, I think Ferrari need more than a change at the top. Perhaps a total restructure of the team is needed, as well as poaching talent from elsewhere rather than promoting up.


While I don’t think Binotto is necessarily the right person to lead Ferrari, I do wonder if their problems are bigger than just the Team Principal.

It seems like no matter who is in charge of Ferrari the team continue to fall short, which makes me believe there’s a deeper problem than Binotto, who has helped the team return to the front of the pack, even if they’ve made some spectacularly bad decisions and strategies this year!

Do you think Ferrari will improve without Binotto? Let us know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Opinion: Will Ferrari Be Better Off Without Binotto?

  • Ferrari needs to still have Binotto, but instead in charge of the car. He’s an engineer with 28 or so years of experience and he’s very smart. You don’t find people like that everyday.

    • Indeed, unlike Liz Truss or Boris Johnston! Seriously, I agree with Tommy’s thought in the article. While a change of manager might do some good, the problems / shortfalls the team have got themselves into in the last few years where they flattered to deceive at the start of the season, seem to run deeper than the management at top

  • christtheredeemer says:

    A massive loss of knowledge. Stepping down is one thing, leaving totally, I really don’t get Ferrari’s strategy in removing staff like Binotto. For a team that is so poor in so many areas, knowledge retention should be it’s number 1 focus.

    • Tjidde Nieuwenhuizen says:

      I think it was either step down or leave.

      Where he choose to leave.

      I kinda hope he get a job within a power unit factory. Since his knowledge of engines is properly insane.

  • Ferrari fell behind relative to Merc and RB over the course of the year- they are only losing ground on their current trajectory. Whatever Binotto did right last winter didn’t last, so a change now isn’t unreasonable.

    Then again I don’t think the technical director over the 2019 Ferrari engine should be around in the first place.

  • Binotto’s flaws as a principal were exposed in 2019 with the bad strategy calls back then too. I’d keep him in the engineering dept though as he is very clever. I agree with Katy, it needs to be a total restructure with new team principal but also other staff to enter from outside

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