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Pass the Butter: Futuristic Ferrari Toaster Concept

Scooter helmets, ties, iPod docks, pens, perfume… you can buy pretty much anything now with a Ferrari badge on it. So how about a Ferrari toaster? This isn’t an official Ferrari piece but in fact a concept by WTF1 reader Andy Fussell who created this for a final year University project.

It looks pretty sweet, kind of like a front nose cone and it’ll even put the Ferrari logo on your bread. Pretty cool huh?

Here is a High Performance toaster by Ferrari.  I designed it a few years ago as part of my final year at uni.  The product is aimed to capitalised on the brand strength of Ferrari without damaging the exclusivity of the core product, the motor car.  Ferrari in synonymous for innovative tech and pleasing aesthetics this is something I have tried to encapsulate in the product.  It uses infrared LEDs to cook the bread, burning a prancing horse on to the toast in the process (gimmicky I know).  Doing all this in a 0-toasty time 5 seconds, ok it’s a concept and research indicates the technology does half the time of a conventional toaster takes.

Thanks to Andy for the tip!




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