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Porsche Are Buying A Huge Stake In Red Bull’s F1 Team

Documents published by Morocco’s Conseil de la Concurrence have revealed Porsche’s intention to acquire a 50% stake in Red Bull’s team.

VW Group’s former CEO Herbert Diess previously revealed that Porsche and Audi had decided to enter F1 although no official reveal has been made about their intention to enter F1 in 2026.

Motorsport-Total originally reported that documents, which have also been seen by us at WTF1, were lodged ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix. These documents suggest the intent for Porsche to acquire 50% of Red Bull Technology Ltd.

A joint venture would see Red Bull and Porsche develop and manufacturer a power unit for 2026, when F1 is set for another regulation change.

Porsche had raced in F1 in the early 60s but withdrew due to high costs. Since then there have been multiple rumours about the legendary marque coming back to F1 one day but it appears to finally be happening!

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15 thoughts on “Porsche Are Buying A Huge Stake In Red Bull’s F1 Team

  • Porsche also attempted to race in F1 in 1991 as engine supplier to Footwork. Didn’t go so well, so I guess they’ll omit that from the press release. Out of 7 starts it failed to qualify for 3 of them, and retired from all 4 races

  • DriveToLive says:

    OMG, they are going to win every single championship until they decide not to race anymore. I wonder if all the “Mercedes is too fast, they make F1 boring” crowd will ever ditch Redbull if they win everything.

    Full Disclosure: I used to be bored of Mercedes wining everything and currently im not much of a Redbull fan.

    • Richard Jackson says:

      Boils down to: Single team dominance is great for that teams marketing but hurts the sport long term.

      We all want to see multiple teams competing for wins and championship battles.

      • I don’t think it will be that Red Bull is so much faster it’s that ferrari suck at strategy

    • Michael Brestel says:

      Oracle is running their strategy analysis engine. They aren’t just a silent advertiser. Considering the edge Red Bull has over Ferrari in strategy this year, I don’t see Red Bull wanting to break off that relationship right now. Things can change in 4 years, of course, but I doubt that is part of the intent right now.

  • Nemani Vathsa says:

    Do you think where Porsche will set up it’s factory?
    Either in United Kingdom or Germany?

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