Renault Has Launched Its 2018 F1 Contender – WTF1

Renault Has Launched Its 2018 F1 Contender

Since Renault came back as a manufacturer in 2016 the team has been keen to return to the glory days of the mid-2000s when Fernando Alonso was winning championships.

After a solid 2017 saw the team pinch a solid sixth in the constructors’ championship, edging to the top of that colossal midfield battle has to be the teams goal and this is the car that it hopes will get it there – the R.S.18.

There’s more black on the livery, and it looks like the yellow has got even brighter – like, Jordan levels of brightness. It looks mega!

With Carlos Sainz embarking on his first full season with the team alongside Nico Hulkenberg, the team certainly has the drivers to succeed (even if the Hulk is seemingly allergic to podiums).

We’ve now got a day off from car launches before Mercedes and Ferrari unveil their 2018 contenders on Thursday.

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