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Rich Energy Claim It’s Coming Back To F1

William Storey, the founder of Rich Energy, has claimed on his social media that the energy drink company will be returning to F1 in what he has called “the greatest comeback since Lazarus.” He has not hinted at whether Rich Energy will be another title sponsor for a team or a personal sponsor for a driver, but just that the name will be back in F1.

Rich Energy is not an unfamiliar name in F1.

In 2018, the energy drinks company announced they were to become a title sponsor for Haas the following year. However, the partnership ended prematurely after an unsuccessful start to their 2019 campaign for the racing team.

“Today [10th July] Rich Energy terminated our contract with the Haas Formula One team for poor performance,” the statement read on Twitter.

“We aim to beat Red Bull Racing and to be behind Williams Racing in Austria is unacceptable. The politics and PC attitude in Formula One is also inhibiting our business. We wish the team well.”

(L to R): William Storey, Romain Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen and Guenther Steiner © XPB Images
(L to R): William Storey, Romain Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen and Guenther Steiner © XPB Images

In addition to Rich Energy’s high expectations and bizarre social media strategy, there was also the fact that the drink itself was a mystery. Despite the Haas motorhomes overflowing with the stuff, most normal folk had never tasted or even heard of it before they announced their Haas title sponsorship.

It’s also understood that the company had initially intended to get a sponsorship deal with Williams before they joined Haas. It’s not known if Williams turned them down or Rich Energy decided to go elsewhere.

Nevertheless, with Williams in need of a cash injection and Rich Energy being a proud British business, it could be that a collaboration between the two is what Storey is illuding to in his latest Twitter post.

Rich Energy also tried to buy Force India for a cool £100 million when the team went into administration in 2018. Storey suggested that the deal had been done, but it was quickly shut down by Racing Point.

William Storey of Rich Energy © XPB Images
William Storey of Rich Energy © XPB Images

The company is also no stranger to a lawsuit.

Red Bull took issue with Rich Energy using the slogan “forget the wings; Rich Energy gives you horns.” Additionally, Rich Energy found themselves in court for a trademark dispute against The Whyte Bikes’ logo. That’s a lot of money being thrown at legal disputes and sponsorship deals, especially seeing as you couldn’t seem to buy the energy drink anywhere until they recently started selling it on their website.

OK, William. We’ll believe it when we see it…

Do you think Rich Energy will be back in F1? Let us know in the comments below.

Rich Energy Announces It's Coming Back To F1 © XPB Images

12 thoughts on “Rich Energy Claim It’s Coming Back To F1

  • It’s hideous that red bull wanted to sue them for that!!! Does red bull have the rights to the word “wings”?!!!!!

  • Any team that allows the guy /company through their front door is doomed to failure!! If one cannot find that product in our pubs /shops-simple question Mr Storey then where are these mega bucks ALL coming from /being generated??

  • Hope he doesn’t make it back in. Leaving Gene Haas high and dry like that…clearly he’s a tool and I’d never buy his product.

  • Tyrrell 6-wheels says:

    This guy is a complete flake. Williams saw through him 2 tears ago and walked away from him. Hope the new owners get a check up front before doing anything with him. All Hass got out of it was some of the promised money and a cool paint scheme.

  • The fact that they might join Williams when they weren’t happy with Haas in 2019 surprises me a lot. And I still don’t understand how William Storey expected Haas to be competing with Red Bull, it just wasn’t possible. If he wants to come back to F1, he needs have more reasonable expectations of the team Rich Energy partners

  • For the love of god, please no. Just no, no, no, no and no. I want to hear about great racing. Not what a (bad attitude) sponsor is doing and moaning about.

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