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Sign of the times: Korean fans create funny Red Bull banners

The Korean Grand Prix saw Red Bull Racing win their second consecutive World Championship and some of their local fans created some rather brilliant banners for them to celebrate with.

Movie theme posters include Star Wars and True Grit. There’s even one for the now infamous ‘Big Bad Wolf’ song… no, don’t put it on.

Keep Calm and Win Again

Based on the oh so popular ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster, this banner sees the message ‘Keep Calm and Win Again’ to Sebastian Vettel… and that’s exactly what he did.

Aussie Grit

This banner features Mark Webber as ‘Aussie Grit – The Overtaker’, designed in the style of the movie poster for ‘True Grit’.

Gives You Force

This brilliant Star Wars banner features Storm Troopers as the Red Bull mechanics, Darth Vader with a Vettel finger and even has the Death Star as part of the Red Bull logo. Awesome, just awesome.

Big Bad Wolf

A song that will now forever be associated with Red Bull Racing after the post-race party in Suzuka.  Here a fan has made a ‘#bigbadwolf’ banner which even made it into the official team celebration photo.

Thanks to Saki for the tip!


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