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Someone’s Recreated The Bahrain Grand Prix Out Of LEGO

The Bahrain Grand Prix was one of the best F1 season openers of all time and if you want to watch it again, one hugely talented and creative fan has recreated the race out of Lego – and it’s amazing!

The Moving Bricks on YouTube have made the whole Bahrain track, all the cars, the garages, even the track limits out of Lego and they’ve used of all these to make a stop motion version of the race!

All the best bits of the race are there and they’re in so much detail. It looks like it would take ages.

They captured Max Verstappen’s off-track overtake on Lewis Hamilton perfectly. You can see how the move played out and how Max completely crossed the white line at Turn 4. The cars are positioned just right.

Please go and give The Moving Bricks a look in on YouTube. Their videos are so well done and a real joyous section of the F1 community! They haven’t only done the Bahrain GP, they did the whole 2020 season and they’re all brilliant!

Here are some of the other best bits!

Nikita Mazepin’s Lap 1 Crash

Pierre Gasly Losing His Front Wing

Bottas’s Slow Pitstop

Vettel Hitting The Back Of Ocon

Onboard With Yuki Tsunoda

Lewis Crossing The Finish Line

Lewis Celebrating In Parc Ferme

What do you think of the Moving Bricks creation? Let us know in the comments below.

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