Spoiler Alert: F1 2011 packed with new features – WTF1

Spoiler Alert: F1 2011 packed with new features

F1 fans have not just the Singapore Grand Prix to look forward to this week but also the release of F1 2011 the video game. However, some clever computer nerds have already managed to get their greasy hands on it.

Still, we get to have an early look at the games new features including KERS, DRS, the Safety Car and the Indian Grand Prix circuit.

Motor Home

In F1 2011 you’ll be receiving information and contracts via emails, similar to the system used in F1 2009 for Wii and PSP. Another change is the helmets. The stupid looking flag designs have been replaced with some original creations.

Safety Car

Probably the feature people are most excited about. The Safety Car makes an appearance in the new game and here it is in action after Vettel causes an almighty pile up at Montreal.


Here we can see a video of the comparison between DRS and KERS. It’s hard to really see the difference between them, you’ll probably feel it more when playing. Still, keep an eye on the speedo.


Tired of not being able to finishes your races early and scoring no points? Well now your car can fail! Here’s a video of an engine failure.

New Tracks

Abu Dhabi now goes from sunset to night time, just like in real life. Last year you could unfortunately only race in sunset. I apologise in advanced for the useless driver, he makes Karthikeyan look like Ayrton Senna.

Last year Codemasters’ had to try and guess what Korea would look like. Now they’ve got to do the same with India. Seen as though it isn’t even built yet, it’s unlikely to know just how accurate it’ll be.

…also there’s no Bahrain. HURRAY!



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