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Super Maldonado Kart Challenge: Round 1 Results

In the first round of Super Maldonado we challenged you to re-create F1’s most famous crash, Spa 98. We had some brilliant entries all looking to score some good championship points but who did best?

Could you do better than my rubbish attempt? Of course you could. Click below to see the top ten entries.

10. Smifaye

A great effort, lots of madness, and with 12 cars involved it’s one of our most chaotic entries.

9. Skett

The crash may not be that huge but what he loved about this one is Liuzzi. We like to think he’s about the Ricardo Rosset the crash any moment!

8. Martijn

This one is a great reconstruction. Lots of cars involved with Maldonado chopping over just like DC did back in 1998.

7. Johnny Revell

Not that many cars but a very similar crash. Lots of wheels and debris flying everywhere.

6. DC

A similar one to number six , lots of debris, wheels and even a Jarno Trulli toboggan.

5. maldonado4president

We counted a massive thirteen cars in this one. Certainly Spa 1998 levels of carnage!

4. Jan Magnussen

Chaotic, lots of debris and it looks like Fernando Alonso just ‘Ricardo Rosseted’ Heikki Kovalainen.

3. Minardifan

Traffic jam! Minardifan also sent us this hilarious video with his entry. He starts off with a Grosjean crash and La Source, then re-creates the Spa ’98 crash brilliantly. Hamilton even goes for a Ricardo Rosset at the end! We’ve awarded Minardifan an additional bonus point for his effort.

2. Kimster

Absolute carnage this one, even funnier is that Maldonado looks like he’s about to carry on like nothing happened. No doubt he won’t get a penalty for it either!

1. Rosko

And the winner of round 1 is this! A great recreation of the incident, lots of wheels bouncing around, it looks very very similar to the actual crash from Spa in 1998.

Bonus point: santesteband

We also have a bonus point to award for our most ridiculous crash. We’ve award it to this crash which features Kovalainen being pushed along on his nose by Liuzzi.

Thank you to everyone who entered. Don’t forget to join in with the next round.

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See the full championship table here.


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