Super Maldonado Kart Challenge: Round 4 Monaco Mayhem – WTF1

Super Maldonado Kart Challenge: Round 4 Monaco Mayhem

It wouldn’t be a proper challenge without Monaco would it? Super Maldonado Kart is off to Monte Carlo for some Maldonado Mayhem! This year Pastor did a pretty good job of taking cars out the race, now we want you to do the same. But how many can you take out in a single lap?

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How to play

Load up F1 2011 (PC, Xbox or PS3) and start a Grand Prix at Monaco.

Start a one lap race.

Take out as many cars as you can in one lap.

How to submit an entry

Once the race is over (or you get DSQ’d) check out the results screen.

Take a picture of the result screen (like below)

To make sure it’s genuinely a one lap race, take separate photos so you have the whole results list.

Send all photos to [email protected] and remember to include your username if you remember it.

Scoring and Deadline

Points will be awarded to the ten most successful entries. 10 for the best, 1 for the 10th best.

An additional 5 bonus points will be awarded to everyone who enters.

A championship table will be kept here.

All entries must be sent in by Sunday 7th October, ready for the next challenge.


Super Maldonado Kart


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