Super Maldonado Kart Challenge: Round 4 Results – WTF1

Super Maldonado Kart Challenge: Round 4 Results

Were you the Maldonado master of Monaco mayhem? We’ve got results from Round 4 of the Super Maldonado Kart challenge. We wanted you to see how many cars you could take out in one lap of Monte Carlo, and some of you guys did a job that even Pastor himself couldn’t manage.

Find out below how you did…

Thanks for sharing some images and videos from your attempts. Here’s an absolutely brilliant one from ThirdWorldRacer… keep watching.

Pyjames auditions for Super Grosjean Kart…

First corner madness with GeorgeHDavies

Another video from Maximus83 finding out that it’s not as easy as it seems.

The FakeFifthDriver causes a Tabac traffic-jam.

And now for the results…

And the all-important championship standings.

There’s now a week break before the final two rounds. Check back on Monday for Round 5 of #SuperMaldonadoKart.


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