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The 12 Best Moments From This Year’s Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Road cars, supercars, hypercars, classic and modern racing beasts – the Goodwood Festival of Speed really is the best and biggest celebration of all things motoring and motorsport.

The diverse display of machinery from so many eras means there’s something for everyone, pretty much, and they definitely know how to put on a show – especially on the hillclimb runs.

There were a lot of fun moments from the 2017 FOS, and the good people at Goodwood livestreamed the whole thing – as well as uploading regular videos of the extra-special moments.

This old Mercedes W25 was a race car in the 1930s and sounds absolutely mean, and it looks like the driver was having a great time behind the wheel of such a cool piece of motorsport history. We’d probably look the same, to be honest.

You’ll have to skip to the 1 minute 15 second mark for this hillclimb run, but it’s well worth it. Watch the beast that is the Kamaz Dakar Truck from 2017 power its way up the course, even completing a few cheeky drifts along the way. Epic.

Surely this has to be one of the coolest and most unique-sounding cars at the FOS? The Audi S4 GTO apparently has 720bhp and was raced in South Africa in the early 90s, built off the iconic Audi 90 IMSA GTO that competed in Trans Am.

Driving an iconic F1 car such as the Williams FW14B must be a huge privilege, but also be completely terrifying. It was Karun Chandhok’s job to tear up the hillclimb in Nigel Mansell’s famous championship-winning 1992 car, and damn, it looked (and sounded) awesome.

If we’re talking about the best-looking sportscars ever, the Ferrari P3/4 has to be up there. We imagine there were a lot of people that were very envious of Brian Redman after his hillclimb one in this stunner.

Here’s a 90-year-old Bugatti Type 35 being properly thrown around the hillclimb course. It may be old, but it’s clearly running well and was being driven how it should be: flat out and to the limit!

It wouldn’t be a proper show without drifting legend Mad Mike showing off his skills in ‘Radbull’, a 1,200bhp Mazda MX-5 that has a smiley face, but is an absolute beast underneath the bodywork.

Spinning a 1935 Frazer Nash Monoposto into the hay bales at Goodwood isn’t ideal, but thankfully, it didn’t look like the hit did too much damage – it could’ve been much worse, like the Ferrari 458 GT2 or Ford RS200 Evo 2 shunts. The car did look like an absolute monster to drive, though.

The Porsche 911 GT2 RS was revealed at a recent Forza Motorsport 7 presentation at E3, but it got its proper debut at Goodwood – which included a run up the famous hill. Sadly, with all eyes on the new 2018 car, the driver tried to do a donut and failed spectacularly. Perhaps stick to driving fast for now.

Nico Rosberg was reunited with F1 machinery, the W05 from the 2014 season, for some demo runs on Sunday at Goodwood and it looked like he had an absolute blast. We wonder if the tyres were in a better condition than the ones destroyed by Valtteri Bottas on Saturday…

Justin Law in the gorgeous Jaguar XJR-12D prototype won the hillclimb shootout with an amazing 46.13s time. Our jaw literally dropped when we saw the video (especially through the chicane by the wall), he’s pushing like hell and the time proves that. Nice work.

Nascar Trucks aren’t best suited to twisty, narrow hillclimb courses, really. But, Mike “The Gunslinger” Skinner gave it a go in his Toyota Tundra and it looked brilliant to watch. It just blows our mind, really.

Of course, there were lots more epic moments (and probably more videos to come). What was your favourite moment from the 2017 FOS? Let us know in the comments!

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