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The FIA Has Taken No Further Action Against Vettel For Baku Swipe

We all know about Vettel’s swipe on Hamilton during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, just prior to a safety car restart – when the Ferrari driver thought the Mercedes had brake tested him.

Vettel was given a 10-second stop/go penalty during the race, which is the harshest penalty the stewards can give without being disqualified.

He was also given three penalty points on his FIA superlicense, upping his tally to nine. The full penalty was met with a mixed response from the F1 world, with many believing he was let off too lightly.

So, afterwards, the FIA announced it would investigate the incident to see if any further action was required and a meeting on Monday took place with Vettel and Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene in attendance.

During the meeting in Paris, after “detailed discussion and further examination”, Vettel admitted full responsibility and no further action was taken by the FIA.

The four-time champion “extended his sincere apologies to the FIA and the wider motor sport family” and will “devote personal time over the next 12 months to educational activities across a variety of FIA championships and events”.

See the release in the tweet below.

While it’s a surprise no extra action was taken, at least in our eyes, it’s good to have the whole thing wrapped up and we can all move on from it.

What do you make of the decision? Let us know in the comments!

Vettel then released the following statement on his own website:

“Dear motor-racing fans

“Concerning the incidents of Baku, I’d like to explain myself: During the restart lap, I got surprised by Lewis and ran into the back of his car. With hindsight, I don’t believe he had any bad intentions.

“In the heat of the action I then overreacted, and therefore I want to apologise to Lewis directly, as well as to all the people who were watching the race. I realise that I was not setting a good example.

“I had no intention at any time to put Lewis in danger, but I understand that I caused a dangerous situation.

“Therefore, I would like to apologise to the FIA. I accept and respect the decisions that were taken at today’s meeting in Paris, as well as the penalty imposed by the stewards in Baku.

“I love this sport and I am determined to represent it in a way that can be an example for future generations.”

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