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The New F1 2017 Trailer Teases Monaco Night Mode

Codemasters has launched the first official trailer for the upcoming F1 2017 game, and it gives us some great shots of this year’s cars and tracks and some of the weather effects.

Much of the hype about the game has been about the classic content, with 12 cars from five different teams featuring in the game. The trailer shows those off as well, with what looks like all the cars from the 00s racing together and all the cars from the 90s racing together, which should make for some interesting multi-class racing.

It all looks pretty good, but there’s one thing that really stands out. Is that…a nighttime version of Monaco?!

Yup, it is! Now of course everyone knows that F1 cars racing around the Principality in the dark isn’t accurate, but we’ve known for a while that F1 2017 is going to feature more than just the normal circuits.

In addition to the 20 tracks on the 2017 calendar there will also be short layouts of Silverstone, Bahrain and COTA, as well as another layout which has yet to be named. In addition to those it now seems we can add a Monaco night mode to the list. How cool is that?!

The game comes out on 25 August for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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