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The First MotoGP Race Of 2018 Came Down To The Final Corner

MotoGP has been unbelievably close for a couple of years now and if the first race in Qatar is anything to go by, then 2018 is going to be one incredible season.

For much of the race, the top 10 bikes were covered by just a few seconds. With a few laps to go Andrea Dovizioso made a break for it with Marc Marquez in hot pursuit, the two title protagonists from last year carrying on as if the winter break never happened.

There was no way someone as attacking as Marquez wasn’t going to make a move and he waited until the last corner of the last lap to do so.

Now that is an epic way to kick off the new season! The gap at the end? Just 0.027 seconds. What makes it even more ridiculous is that this is the third time this has in the last nine races.

In Austria and Japan last year Marquez attempted the same last corner move, and both times it ended in the same way. Dovizioso is a clever rider and knows exactly what he’s doing, but one of these days Marquez will make it stick…right?

IndyCar had a great season opener, now MotoGP has had a great season opener. It’s all down to you, F1!

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