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The Force India Drivers Can’t Stop Crashing Into Each Other

Running three-wide on the opening lap as you approach Eau Rouge isn’t the ideal situation to be in, especially when you are being squeezed towards the inside wall.

That was the situation Esteban Ocon found himself in, and it was his team-mate Sergio Perez forcing him closer to the barrier.

A slow start for Nico Hulkenberg bunched up the middle of the pack, with both Perez and Ocon going side-by-side with him on the run to the iconic Eau Rouge/Raidillon section.

Perez didn’t seem to see Ocon and moved right, which is where the second Force India was located. Unsurprisingly, the two made contact and Hulkenberg stayed ahead of them both.

In fact, Ocon not only clashed with Perez (his left-front wheel briefly getting some air) but he also hit the inside wall too. The Frenchman probably needed new overalls after that…

It’s also amazing both were able to continue without damage!

We’d have needed to take a moment to recover after that moment. But, not Ocon. He kept charging and was then involved in another awesome three-wide battle.

Fernando Alonso was duelling Hulkenberg on the Kemmel Straight and Ocon chose to get involved too, briefly going side-by-side with the other two.

That’s the kind of racing we like to see.


Well, well, well… over 20 laps later and the Force Indias are still colliding with each other!

Ocon had come out of the pits behind Perez and was eager to make a move, getting a better exit and going down the inside on the run to Eau Rouge.

But Perez squeezed him towards the wall again and as Ocon tried to back out, they made contact. Ocon damaged his front wing and Perez got a puncture.

What do you make of the clash? Let us know in the comments!

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