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The Halo Could Delay Formula E From Testing Its New Car

Formula E is set to introduce a brand new car for the 2018/19 season (one that can actually last the entire race distance), but manufacturers could be left waiting as the halo device is apparently holding up development of the car.

That’s because Formula E is going to use the new car as an opportunity to introduce the Halo (just like Formula 2 is) but the FIA is still dithering over its exact specs, something that has already caused delay to some F1 teams.

Formula E car manufacturer Spark was hoping to have the new car delivered to the powertrain manufacturers for testing in January, but thanks to the Halo it seems that could be delayed by as much as a couple of months, even though the new car has already had a short test.

With the deadline for manufacturers to begin homologation of their powertrains currently set for 1 February, teams are hoping the FIA will extend the deadline so that they can actually, you know, test them out before they commit to a design.

Despite the uncertainty Audi Sport boss Dieter Gass isn’t too worried because every team is in the same situation. He told

“I look at that in a sporting way. It’s the same with everybody, you have to get on with it. Everyone was shouting and wanted everything as early as possible but you get the car when you get it. As long as everybody gets it at the same time, you just have to get on with it and fix it.”

The Halo is also going to push the weight of the cars up as well, which could potentially throw another spanner in the works for the development of the powertrains.

But hey, the FIA wants to get the Halo in as many of it’s series as soon as possible, so teams are just going to have to deal with all the problems getting thrown at them, right?

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