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The Las Vegas GP Pit Exit Has Sparked Concerns Among F1 Fans

Earlier this week, F1 unveiled some new Las Vegas GP pit building photos. And, well, there was one thing that really stood out to fans. Was it the huge F1 sign? No. Was it the extraordinary lighting? Nope!

It was the pit exit.

The Las Vegas GP is this weekend. After a whole year of promo and tremendous build-up, it’s finally here.

A new track, a new city (albeit one that’s hosted F1 before), and some unexpected challenges – such as low temperatures – may just throw up an entertaining (maybe even chaotic) race. Fans will be eager to see how it all plays out – but there is one thing that has sparked concern.

The newly released photos of the $240million pit building highlighted a potentially tricky aspect of the track. The pit exit sees drivers emerge at the end of the straight and into Turn 1, which will require drivers to stay to the far left-hand side of the track.

However, fans pointed out that for cars already on track, the natural line for them to take into the left-hander would mean getting as close to the inside of the bend as possible – meaning they could cross over into the pit exit.

Fans fear that this, on top of potentially cold tyres from the low temperatures, could create dangerous scenarios such as drivers exiting the pits on cold tyres and heading straight into the barriers instead of turning a sharp left.

In fact, many are expecting this to be the race with the most DNFs 😳

Do you think the pit exit will pose a problem in the race?


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