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There’s Been An Update In The Case Of Vettel’s Hungarian GP Disqualification

It was a truly heartbreaking moment when we heard that Sebastian Vettel’s car might not have enough fuel left in it for a required one litre sample after the Hungarian Grand Prix. Our worst fears came true when the FIA confirmed that the Aston Martin driver only had 0.3 litres left and was disqualified from his second-place finish.

Aston Martin was determined to fight the case, and almost immediately after the disqualification was announced, they confirmed their ‘notice of intention of appeal’. In the following days, they also shared that they’d requested a ‘right of review’ that would hopefully reverse the decision.

Today, that right of review was denied by the FIA.

Some of the team and employees of the FIA joined a video conference this afternoon with the likes of Otmar Szafnauer (Aston’s Team Principal), Andrew Green (Aston’s Chief Technical Officer) and Michael Masi (F1’s Race Director) all being present.

Aston Martin was required to bring additional evidence to the hearing that wouldn’t have been available to the Stewards at the time of the disqualification, kind of similar to the Red Bull and Mercedes Silverstone drama from a few weeks back.

The team revealed a fuel system failure in Vettel’s car “caused the loss of fuel pressure and resulted in the loss of fuel”. It’s also the reason why the team could only withdraw the 0.3 litres of fuel instead of the mandatory one litre.

The FIA, however, deemed that this was technically new evidence but that it wasn’t “significant and relevant” enough and ultimately denied the right of review. Gutted.

Aston Martin has been adamant there was enough fuel in the car, but this hasn’t helped at all. The team could still continue with their appeal, but this would likely be a big-scale case to the FIA International Court of Appeal.

The ball is now back in Aston Martin’s court. Do they want to take this case all the way to the ICA even though they haven’t yet been able to prove there was that vital one litre of fuel in the car? Or should they just admit defeat and move on?

What would you do?

10 thoughts on “There’s Been An Update In The Case Of Vettel’s Hungarian GP Disqualification

  • I assume there’s some reason they’re not allowed to shove a hose into the tank and siphon it out? Maybe the cap doesn’t allow for a hose?
    I had also heard that they could replace any broken / defective parts (fuel lift pump motor), but I guess that’s not true either?

    • Unfortunately it is more complicated. A Formula-1 car’s fuel tank is not like the usual road car’s tank. It is not just a massive container. It has lots of things inside of it to improve fuel consumption and to make sure they can get even the last drop of fuel out of the tank. Well, if all parts works properly of course :/

  • Eusebio Iglesias says:

    I believe it would be disastrous to the FIA and its Stewart’s if Aston Martin would video publicly the retrieval of the said amount of fuel once the car is returned to them, FIA would loose complete credibility if this was the case, so I don’t get it why they wont allow Aston Martin to make a fool of themselves if they are so sure the fuel is not there. I am afraid this will blow up in FIA’s face and make it look like a favoritism ploy!!

  • Barrie Lindsey says:

    Why is WTF1 pushing this story so much, you would think Vettel was their CEO.
    The rules must be followed, and this is a warning to all the teams that they have to ensure their fuel loads are correct. All the teams could try to circumvent the rules in some form or other, but if they do and they get caught they should stay silent.

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