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These Are The First Images Of Alex Albon’s New DTM Car

When Red Bull shared the shock announcement that Alexander Albon was heading to DTM, we were all aboard the hype train. They’ve now shared a first glimpse of what the two Red Bull Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020 will look like, and WE’RE OBSESSED.

With DTM moving to GT Sports Cars from this year, we’re able to see some stunning machines enter the championship including the likes of these Ferrari’s. Wait.. did you say Red Bull and Ferrari are working together? What kind of weird universe is this?

Red Bull Racing’s Test and Reserve driver Albon will be racing in the AlphaTauri branded beauty, sharing driving duties with Nick Cassidy. Liam Lawson will be competing for a full-season in the other Red Bull branded GT car.

“DTM is a great series with highly talented drivers in the field and exciting racing,” Albon exclaimed.

“I’ve only driven a ‘tin top’ once back in 2015 when I was nominated for the Autosport BRDC Young Driver award, and they’re really different to single seaters.

“There’s a lot less downforce and the tires are very different, so it requires a different kind of driving style. It will take a bit of time to get used to, but I’m looking forward to a new racing challenge when I’m available outside of my existing F1 commitments.”

Just how good do the cars look?

Are you excited to see Albon in DTM this year? Let us know! 

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