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This 2018 Renault F1 Concept Looks So Damn Good

When Fernando Alonso won his two titles for Renault in 2005 and 2006, the cars were adorned with a gorgeous blue and yellow Mild Seven livery which has become somewhat iconic.

Now, with another young and talented Spaniard in Carlos Sainz Jr. strongly rumoured to be joining the team next year, perhaps it’s time for the team to go back to those colours as it eyes a return to the top of the sport?

Graphic designer Andy Werner had that very idea and if these concepts are anything to go by, they’d look absolutely amazing.

Even with the loss of the shark fin (which we actually rather like) and the addition of the Halo, this imagining of the 2018 car looks great with all that blue.

Not that there’s much wrong with the teams current livery, but this is just…better, right?

As well as looking awesome, it would also more closely match the livery Renault uses for its Formula E team, something that’d surely help to strengthen the Renault brand across its motorsport activities.

Sainz and Nico Hulkenberg driving Renaults with a livery that harks back to the teams glory days? What is there not to like about that?!

Come on Renault, bring back some blue!

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