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This Mod For Assetto Corsa Has To Be The Weirdest We’ve Ever Seen

Assetto Corsa is an awesome game, in large part down to the sheer number of fantastic mods available for it. That’s the great thing about PC racing sims in general – there are so many good ones and such a deep selection third-party addons available that if there’s a car you want to race, chances are someone has made a mod of it. Things can get rather unusual and stray away from cars entirely, leaving us with mods like the Blue Falcon from F-Zero and even horse racing.

When it comes to the weirdest mod though, we have a new winner. It’s incredibly difficult to describe what is is with human words, so we’ll just leave you with the videos for you to experience yourself. It’s not quite NSFW, but its probably the sort of thing you wouldn’t want someone to stumble across in your YouTube watch history…

Assetto Corsa is a blessed racing game.

Posted by Tripled Sevens' unworthy videos on Monday, February 25, 2019

What on earth did we just watch? To get the most out of sim racing you need a decent wheel and a robust set of pedals – we dread to think what sort of hardware is required to become fully immersed in this…

That’s the great thing about sim racing, though. One minute you’re trying to beat Ayrton Senna’s pole lap from the 1988 Monaco GP, the next minute you’re… well, doing whatever this is. Initially we figured it was inspired by this bizarre Japanese drinks commercial…

However, after a little bit of research, it turns out it’s actually based on a 10-year-old YouTube video called ‘Ultimate Roller Muscle Legend‘, which we’ll leave you to watch at your own discretion (warning: this is potentially a little bit NSFW).

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