Top Ten: Formula One Fans of 2011 – WTF1

Top Ten: Formula One Fans of 2011

We love nothing more than insane displays of F1 support on wtf1 and in 2011 we saw plenty of it. From crazy tattoos to incredible costumes F1 fans have shown why they are the most passionate in the world.

So without further ado, here are ten of our favourite F1 fans from the 2011 season.

10. Crazy Brazilian Ferrari fan

This guy customised his bike for the Grand Prix covering it with Ferrari stickers and flags… what are you laughing at? Oh, you just noticed the dog.

9. Japanese Schumacher fan

This Japanese Schumacher fan has customized their cap with a model car and a soft toy Schumi. So the hair may not be right but that chin certainly is.

8. Practical Monza fans

There’s nothing worse then lugging around all your stuff at a Grand Prix. So these Italian Ferrari fans customised their luggage crate into a Ferrari F1 car.

7. Japanese Ferrari Power Ranger

Well why not?

6. Wacky Singapore Marshall

This Marshall was feeling the party atmosphere in Singapore going all out on novelty accessories.

5. Batwomen Ferrari masks

The kind of thing Lady Gaga would wear at a race. “I know, let’s show our support for Ferrari by getting some Batman masks and painting them in Italian colours.” It makes no sense!

4. Japanese Red Bull Cans

We all knew these guys would be in the list. Let’s hope these Red Bull cans continue to make an appearance at Suzuka for years to come.

3. Ferrari War Horses

Noticing a pattern here? Yet more Japanese fans who have gone all out to show support for their team.

2. Japanese Onboard Cameras

It’s always fun to see some more unique ideas and these Japanese fans certainyl went for something different, dressing up as onboard cameras!

1. The World’s biggest Schumacher fan?

Who else could it be? After the Grand Prix fans can take off their outfits and go back to their normal ways but this guy will show his support forever. He has filled his back with tattoos of every single Michael Schumacher victory. At least with Schumi now being rubbish he doesn’t have to go through so much pain.


Top Tens

Have you found any more crazy F1 Fans. Which fan is your favourite?  Have your say in the comments below.

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