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Toto Wolff Makes Abu Dhabi 2021 Dig Ahead Of Ferrari Showdown

You know when someone says something that you really weren’t expecting to hear, and your eyes widen , and depending on how you feel about that comment, your mouth opens in shock, you grimace at what you’ve just heard, or you let a slight smirk appear across your face? This may have been one of those moments. 

Toto Wolff caused that reaction by saying he’s grateful a “proper race director” is in charge as they head back to Abu Dhabi next week. A fresh swipe to the massively controversial 2021 incident.

Two years ago, in the ultimate showdown for the championship title, then-race director Michael Masi and the FIA stirred up controversy by making the call only to let the five cars between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton unlap themselves behind the safety car after it was previously stated lapped cars couldn’t overtake.

This was to ensure we had “green flag” racing as Hamilton and Verstappen battled it out in a last-lap shootout for the title.

This year, though very different circumstances and stakes, Ferrari is just four points behind Mercedes in the constructor’s championship, as the battle for P2 goes right down to the wire. Masi has long since departed his role with Niels Wittich now in the role.

Talking to the media, including The Race, Wolff said: “We’re going there on pretty much equal points, we have a proper race director, so that should be fine.

“Then let’s race, it’s all down to the last weekend. [Ferrari] are very quick, they’ve done a good job, I think we have been on par [in Vegas], but the result shows something different, so let’s race.”

Do you think Mercedes can hold off Ferrari for P2 in Abu Dhabi?  

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