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Verstappen Says Rivals Should ‘Keep Their Mouths Shut’ Over Budget Cap

Max Verstappen has hit back at fiery comments made in the paddock by Mercedes and Ferrari at this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix. According to rumours, Red Bull may not have complied with the 2021 budget cap of $145million, but this is all still speculation. 

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff told SkyF1 that the rumour was an ‘open secret’ in the paddock. At the same time, Ferrari Racing Director, Laurent Mekies, demanded a ‘transparent and severe’ response from the FIA if any teams are found to have breached the 2021 budget cap.

“I know where it [the speculation] comes from, so for me, it’s OK,” Verstappen said, speaking to media, including The Race.

“What I hear from the team, yes [I’m confident].”

While the FIA have not officially completed the process of checking if spending from the teams in 2021 lined up with the regulation, publications like The Race expect that the FIA will soon reveal that two teams did not comply with the $145million cap.

“Of course, then other teams started to talk about it when they had no information.

“I find that a bit silly. Just keep your mouths shut.”

Red Bull team boss, Christian Horner, echoed Max’s words on Friday, labelling the rumours as “hugely defamatory”.

What action do you think the FIA will take if the rumours are true? 

19 thoughts on “Verstappen Says Rivals Should ‘Keep Their Mouths Shut’ Over Budget Cap

    • disqus_1CAX7xVmen says:

      Can’t really say that Hamiltons diva shenanigans is any better.

      I have always had a hard time for Max as well but after Hamiltons loss last year, his radio silence and indirect ”threats” towards FIA/The sport to leave I started to dislike him even more to be honest.

      • Kenny Phillips says:

        Well, let’s see: the FIA jiggered the aero regs for one year only to disfavor the low-rake cars; IOW, they targeted MB-AMG. This hamstrung them even before the horrendous officiating decided the championshiop.

    • Of all the reasons to find Max unlikeable, I don’t think this is it. Even if Red Bull were over the budget cap (which we have no idea yet), I highly doubt Max would know. Everyone is stirring up drama because last year left such a bitter aftertaste in everyone’s mouth. and because people think it’s fun.

      • Lord Lambert says:

        He didn’t say “This in particular makes Max unlikeable”
        He said “Max is really unlikeable”

        And he’s right.

        • I mean, I totally agree with you on that. I just didn’t have a problem with this particular thing that Max has said.

    • Lord Lambert says:

      Everything about Red Bull is mired in hypocrisy. It is not surprising that the drivers inherit that too

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