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Verstappen Suggests A Potential Penalty To Improve F1 Qualifying

For the second year in a row, the final qualifying session in Monaco ended under red flags. According to Max Verstappen, the responsible drivers need to be penalised – even if it’s your own teammate!

Verstappen was improving during his final run in Q3 before his teammate Sergio Perez forced red flags to fly after a crash at Portier.

This is the second year in a row that the Dutchman has been denied a chance to improve, after Charles Leclerc crashed on the final flying lap during last season’s visit to Monaco.

Speaking on this year’s event, he said, “It is irritating and a pity, of course, that the one who put it in the wall was my teammate. 

“But in the end, you don’t get a penalty for that. 

“So if you know you have a good first run, then you can think ‘ah well, you know what, I’ll park it and tactically send it into the wall’. You could do that.”

Nico Rosberg was accused of exactly that in 2014 when he conveniently ‘parked’ his Mercedes in a small run-off area near Mirabeau. The incident meant the yellow flags were waved, and Lewis Hamilton was forced to abort his flying lap.

Max Verstappen continued to say that he and his team had been working with the FIA to fix the issue. 

“That’s something we’ve been working on for a while,” he added. “It’s painful, but it’s nice for the person who hangs it in the wall. But for me, it’s a bummer, of course.”

So, should the FIA implement a new red flag penalty? Let us know in the comments.

24 thoughts on “Verstappen Suggests A Potential Penalty To Improve F1 Qualifying

  • There is no silver line on this kind of rule.

    “So if you know you have a good first run, then you can think ‘ah well, you know what, I’ll park it and tactically send it into the wall’. You could do that.”
    You could also simply try to improve your lap so that others don’t take your position away…

    It all comes down to “was it on purpose or not?”
    Also risking having to change gearbox and other things is already an incentive to not do it on purpose to begin with.

    • Mac MacIntyre says:

      What if, though, you just park it “with an unknown problem”. Yelling ‘No Power!’ over the radio? Pulling off, but not quite pulling off? No damage, just an “electrical problem” that fixed itself!

    • Jeffery Males says:

      When Michael Schumacher did that in Monaco, after he got pole, he was given a 10place grid penalty? (He was penalized for it. {Though he just parked there, he didn’t run into the wall}). I actually Support Williams.

  • Henk Boven says:

    3 place grid penalty would be my choice. Only if the driver already set a time within the 107% rule.

    On the other hand, we want to see drivers on the edge of the limit in qualifying, sometimes this means they just go over the edge. Maybe just extend qualifying time by 3-4 minutes in case of a red/yellow flag? So everyone has a fair chance?

  • I would say no grid penalty, but anyone on a flying lap or who has the opportunity on the clock to have a flying lap, should be allowed to do it/do it again.

    In the case of monaco this year, everyone behind Perez who was out on track and beat the chequered flag for one more lap, would get to go again for one out lap and one flying lap.

    LeClerc last year ending the session and keeping pole, as it was, is farcical. Its like a sprinter doing a false start then just telling everyone to keep going and letting the guy who went early to keep his advantage.

  • Ruud Schmitz says:

    How about just allowing everybody 4 of 5 laps with an empty track like the Indy 500. No 3 qualifying sessions just 1. All discussions dealt with for good.

    • ฬ๏ยtєг 🇺🇦 says:

      Problem with that format is that track evolution and changeable conditions can cause very unfair circumstances. I don’t think there will ever be a format that can end all discussion. And maybe that’s for the best as we wouldn’t have anything to do anymore in between races 😉

  • man him and his dad are pissed at perez aren’t they. I wonder did max request perez to back off to let him and by at monaco so he could fight carlos for the win?

    • ฬ๏ยtєг 🇺🇦 says:

      You do realize Checo himself said the same after Imola qualifying:

      “On the red flags, I think it was pretty intense with all the red flags and I feel like we should review the rules because I feel like if a driver makes a mistake and causes a red flag he should be penalized somehow.”

      Reading your comments though you just like to hate on Max, so you’re probably impervious to reasonable arguments. I’ve seen plenty of people on Dutch forums with the same kind of attitude against Lewis. You’re all just the same kind of toxic muppets who are ruining the F1 community, so maybe you can all go back to yelling at the riot police at a football pitch somewhere.

  • Mac MacIntyre says:

    You cause a red flag your times are disallowed, you go to the back of the grid or back of the Q session you were in.

    • yeah simple as that, it’s a blanket rule for everyone so it’s fair

      avoids having that grey area of was it on purpose or not

      then adds another level of risk for drivers who already have a good time

          • so he broke the line yes, that is why they had to clarify the rule this week to make it a little less vague.

        • Emil Sjostrom says:

          The race director’s notes contradicted the rules, and after Masi last season they changed it so the rules of the rule book apply in that case. The rule says that the car has to pass the yellow line, the red bull cars were on the line but never over it. So no penalty 🙂

          • fyi you know they ‘clarified’ the rule this past weekend because it was broken last weekend but they want to make it clear what is and isn’t ok

  • Chris Stokes says:

    I think if you cause a red flag you should have your best lap of the session deleted. Would stop any convenient accidents in final Q3 runs.

  • Jeffery Males says:

    Verstappen, accidents happen. The back slid out of his car, & the Ferrari, had no chance to avoid it, in the wet conditions. You’re just annoyed, because you didn’t get on the front row. It was a “Racing Incident”. A driver shouldn’t be penalized if his/her car spins out of control.

  • Please, no more penalties. Something like this would be very difficult to apply fairly anyway.

  • Roger Tandy says:

    Simple really, in this circumstance the driver at fault should have his fastest lap deleted

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