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Watch A 50% Race Around Japan In The F1 2017 Game

We’ve seen glimpses of gameplay footage from F1 2017, but nothing like this – a 50% race around Suzuka in Japan.

YouTuber Aarava has shared direct capture gameplay from the up-coming F1 game, with Codemasters’ car handling designer and sim racer David Greco behind the wheel.

It gives us a brilliant look at not only the cars and track in the game, but also all the in-game menus, settings, options and cinematic scenes too.

This includes a new slider for the AI difficulty, which should make it easier to mould the settings into what suits gamers’ driving styles and abilities.

Our impressions from the race itself? The track visually looks like a good step forward, the cinematics are pretty cool and the AI seem more realistic too.

Plus, it’s nice to see AI cars making mistakes and suffering issues. F1 2017 is released on the 25 August worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

What do you reckon? Let us know in the comments!

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