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We have a Winner: Your Favourite Photoshop Star

We’ve seen plenty of Photoshop stars since Mark Webber’s celebration at the 2010 Hungarian Grand Prix but only one of them can be named the Photoshop star. Webber had competition from Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton and more but who emerged as the winner?

Click below to find out who you guys voted for.

Sebastian Vettel – 2%
Jenson Button – 4%
Nick Heidfeld – 7%
Lewis Hamilton – 11%
Vitaly Petrov – 11%

3rd Kimi Raikkonen – 19% 

With 19% of the vote, Kimi Raikkonen didn’t do too badly to say this was his only Photoshop feature but boy was it a funny one.

2nd Fernando Alonso – 20%

Fernando Alonso had a pretty good chance after starring in five Photoshop posts but with 20% of the vote he finishes just short of the prize.

1st Mark Webber -26%

The original Photoshop star and the best, according to you guys. You voted Mark Webber as the ultimate Photoshop star with 26% of the vote. He may not have won the World Championship yet but he’s now a double WTF1 Champion, as he won F1’s Got Talent too!


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