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Zak Brown Sends Stinging Message To Alpine Boss After Oscar Piastri Drama

McLaren CEO Zak Brown feels that Alpine and Otmar Szafnauer have been left looking “a little silly” after the Oscar Piastri saga. Spicy Zak is back!

Who’d have thought that so much DRAMA could come from just one Aussie F2 driver?

Nevertheless, Oscar Piastri is officially headed for McLaren in 2023, and Zak Brown certainly has his thoughts on how Alpine’s handled its junior’s controversial departure.

“If you look at all of the comments by Otmar he was giving a little play-by-play of the CRB (Contract Recognition Board) and how confident they were, and now I think he looks a little silly,” Brown told NBC Sports. 😬

“That’s why it’s best to keep your mouth shut, and we can talk about it after the fact when there’s something concrete to say.”

Piastri was prematurely announced as Fernando Alonso’s replacement at Alpine for 2023, but the Aussie had plans of his own, signing a contract to race at McLaren instead.

Brown added: “Before the CRB ruling, they didn’t know what they didn’t know and we kept our mouths shut deliberately. Now that ruling has come out and some of the detail, I think it’s clear what happened there.”

“So we recognised there was a lot of noise, but we knew the truth would come out eventually and we could ride it out, as opposed to giving a running commentary.”

Alpine is still scrambling around trying to fill their empty F1 seat for 2023, even holding glorified ‘try-outs’ in Hungary this month to try and find a potential fit.


7 thoughts on “Zak Brown Sends Stinging Message To Alpine Boss After Oscar Piastri Drama

  • that 4th place gonna sting ol’ Zak at the end of this season. if that man built a team that focused more on the car performance than the marketability of their driver pairings, perhaps they wouldn’t be in a dogfight and losing it to Alpine.

    • I dunno, the crossover of the skill sets of race engineers and marketing staff is pretty minimal. There’s only so much the drivers can actually do that’s car-related between race weekends, so the marketing effort keeps them busy and keeps the team’s fanbase engaged. The car issues are what they are, but they’re not occurring because Lando and Daniel are doing funny videos.

      • I know right, it’s almost like there is a budget cap and the marketing department is completely separate and irrelevant

    • totally agree with what Jeb Hoge said, plus Lando and Daniel being so marketable brings in sponsors, which brings in more money, which can help with performance. true, they’re struggling a bit, but it’s a good fight and certainly fun to watch

  • No love lost between these two. Brown was leading the calls of “pink Mercedes” back when Otmauer was at Racing Point.

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